Alabama Adventure is kicking off the summer with a great concert line up with music and entertainment for the whole family. The 2011 First Financial Bank Concert Series will host:

June 11 Skillet

June 18 Gloriana

June 25 Smash Mouth

July 16 Jo Dee Messina

July 23 Never Shout Never

July 30 Mike Posner

August 6 Allstar Weekend

August 27 The Ready Set

Most concerts start at 8pm in the Coca-Cola Amphitheater. Admission to Alabama Adventure includes all rides and attractions in the Theme Park and Splash Beach Water Park, admission to the First Financial Bank Concert Series and shows in the Star Theater. 2011 Season Passes on sale now for only $49.99 each when you buy 2 or more. This is a limited time offer. For more information, please visit or call (205)481-4750.


New Paths for Alabama Adventure

As construction continues with BUZZSAW FALLS, we have been cutting new walkways to make our beautiful park more accessible. Here is a shot from the Kid’s Area next to the Birthday House that will connect to Celebration right between the Midway Carousel and Chubbies’.

This new walkway will make getting to not only the Birthday House and the Kid’s Area easier, but also BUZZSAW FALLS! Here’s a look from the opposite side.

BUZZSAW FALLS is coming along great! We have started receiving parts by the truck load. Here are parts of the metal track that will be stabilized by a wood structure.

Below is a current photo of what is going on at the BUZZSAW FALLS job site. The station will be on the right side, where all the wood bases are being built. The concrete walls you see are where the water will be recycled throughout the ride. The boat will make its ascent right over the photographer’s head and drop 5 stories to left.

More updates will be coming soon as well as pictures!! Stay tuned…


Coolest. Summer. Job. Ever!

Have you ever wondered what the coolest summer job is? Ever wanted to entertain thousands of people in one day? Well, have I got some news for you! Alabama Adventure is hiring over 300 Team Members this year. Our Annual Job Fair is Saturday, March 5 from 10 am until 3 pm. Bring a friend and join Alabama’s largest Water and Theme Park, Alabama Adventure for what is going to be our Best Season EVER!!!

We are hiring for several different positions. Here is a list of jobs you can look forward to applying for on March 5:

Life Guards

Food Services

Guest Relations

Ride Attendants

And many more!

Here are few tips for the Job Fair and your best bet to get hired!!

BEFORE ARRIVING: Applicants should download a copy of our application from our website, Please complete all four pages of this application prior to your arrival.

APPRORIATE ATTIRE: All applicants must be dressed appropriately and ready for a job interview. Applicants who are not dressed in an appropriate manner will be rescheduled / turned away from the Job Fair or Applicant Audition Date.

APPLICANTS MUST BE ABLE TO PRESENT THE FOLLOWING 2 ITEMS: A Photo Identification Card - Drivers License, Government Issued ID Card, Driving Permit (With photo), School ID (under 18) Birth Certificate or Social Security Card. No copies will be accepted. All forms of ID must be the original or certified copy.

Our entire staff is excited to see all of you at Alabama Adventure on Saturday, March 5!


Ground Breaking!

Great News! The clearing of the land has finished and we have officially broke ground on BUZZSAW FALLS, the new water thrill ride coming to Alabama Adventure in the spring of 2011. It is starting to look like a real construction zone around the park. We have bulldozers and tractors everywhere.  In the pictures below, they are working on grading the land and creating an incline for the 5 story drop that will create an enormous splash soaking everyone on the ride and around it.

Here is a conceptual drawing of BUZZSAW FALLS. 

You can see the StratosFear Screamer in the background and the new plaza on the left that will connect the kid's area of the park.
We are currently pouring concrete. Pictures of the pour and updated job site will be updated soon. Check back next week for the most recent updates.



While the rest of Alabama was snowed in, the Alabama Adventure staff has been hard at work. We have been working hard on the 2011 Summer Concert Series (announcement on the line up coming soon!), our new ride, BUZZSAW FALLS, and making the 2011 Season better than ever.

Since the snow was coming down and nothing seemed to be melting, our staff came up with some creative ways to turn our water park into an icy winter wonderland…

What if we took Acapulco Drop, iced it down, and made a snow skiing hill out of the steepest drop in the park. Hold on to your boots, you would be in for a thrilling 9 story drop!

Ahh… the Warrior River, so nice and relaxing during the summer, but when the snow and ice hits, it becomes the fastest speed skating rink south of the Mason Dixon Line.

Snowboarding, a favorite pastime of my own and our very own UPSURGE! Now that is one gnarly half pipe. Bring on the snow, let’s get some air!

*Photo is fabricated.
We got to thinking about Neptune’s Plunge. How on earth could we turn this into an icy adventure? 4 slides iced down for racing check. 4 double tubes for sliding down the ice, check. 8 professional bobsledders (or our not so talented staff pretending to be bobsledders), check. A race to the finish down this icy track, check! Now that is good time.

How about a good old ice hockey game? I am thinking Kahuna Waves is just the place for that, minus the waves. We have Team Operations versus Team Maintenance. It was a close match, but Team Maintenance wins 3-2. (Theoretically speaking, due to their ability to withstand the cold temperatures.)

Then it hit us, time to get back to work. Who wants to play in the cold anyway? We will stick to fun in the sun and making sure all of our Alabama Adventure fans have a summer to remember in 2011. Check back next week for an update on what is to come for 2011!


Can we build it? YES WE CAN!

Look who is coming to the Star Theater for the 2011 season! Curious George, Bob the Builder, and Clifford the Big Red Dog! The season will kick off June 11, 2011 with a family filled adventure, “Swingin’ Safari” featuring Curious George. Next, join Bob the Builder starting July 2, 2011 in the show, “A Whole Lot of Buildin’ Goin’ On.” Finally, Clifford the Big Red Dog will perform starting July 23, 2011 in “Superstar Funfest.” All shows will run three times per day with shows six days a week. (No shows on Tuesdays.)

“Swingin’ Safari” featuring Curious George will run June 11, 2011 through July 1, 2011. Join Safari Sam and Jungle Jenny as they use the power of imagination to take the audience on a fun-filled adventure through the African Jungle.

Grab your camera and binoculars and head over to, “Swingin’ Safari” at Alabama Adventure’s Star Theater.

Starting July 2, 2011, running through July 22, 2011, Bob the Builder joins us in a fun-filled show, “A Whole Lot of Buildin’ Goin’ On.” Bob the Builder and two members of his Can-Do crew need some help from all the builders in the audience for this very special project. With a little singing, dancing, building and a whole lot of fun, this team is sure to get the job done. Can we build it, YES WE CAN! “It’s A Whole Lot of Buildin’ Goin’ on Starring Bob the Builder!”

Join us July 23, 2001 through August 7, 2011 at Alabama Adventure’s Star Theater on a fun-filled musical celebration. Two SUPERSTAR hosts and special guest star, Clifford the Big Red Dog, will play games, sing songs, and have everyone dancing as they try to find the recipe for the perfect summer celebration. As we say good-bye to our SUPERSTAR pals everyone gets a chance to join in the finale with a FUN-TASTIC rendition of Celebration! This superstar spectacular will have the kids singing and dancing their hearts out. Don’t miss, “Superstar Funfest”!

The Star Theater is sure to have something for kids of all ages. Get your 2011 Season Pass so you can enjoy all 3 great shows. Visit for the best deals on purchasing your 2011 Season Pass. Check back next week for NEW construction photos of BUZZSAW FALLS!!

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An Alabama Adventure New Year!

It’s January 2011. Can you believe it? We are only months away from an excited new season at Alabama Adventure. There are so many exciting new attractions popping up all over the park, including BUZZSAW FALLS, the new family water thrill ride.

BUZZSAW FALLS is under construction! The major expansion is sure to keep Guests both cool and thrilled, as riders plunge down a five story, heart pounding chute for a massive splash. Enormous sheets of water will shoot in the air as riders make their final descent splashing into a pool of water soaking both riders and on lookers. Check out these photos to see where the land has been cleared for the newest water thrill ride in the Theme Park.

After you shoot up the 185 foot tower of the Stratosfear Screamer, it will be a short walk to cool off at BUZZSAW FALLS with the whole family. Also, you will be able to access it through a new plaza created next to the Balloon Wheel. Here is a look at the site from a different angle. You can see the Kid’s Rides to the left where the new walk way will be.

As the construction continues on BUZZSAW FALLS, look for new photos and information. Next week learn about the all new character show starring Bob the Builder coming to the Star Theater. Be sure to check out and Facebook for more updates.