While the rest of Alabama was snowed in, the Alabama Adventure staff has been hard at work. We have been working hard on the 2011 Summer Concert Series (announcement on the line up coming soon!), our new ride, BUZZSAW FALLS, and making the 2011 Season better than ever.

Since the snow was coming down and nothing seemed to be melting, our staff came up with some creative ways to turn our water park into an icy winter wonderland…

What if we took Acapulco Drop, iced it down, and made a snow skiing hill out of the steepest drop in the park. Hold on to your boots, you would be in for a thrilling 9 story drop!

Ahh… the Warrior River, so nice and relaxing during the summer, but when the snow and ice hits, it becomes the fastest speed skating rink south of the Mason Dixon Line.

Snowboarding, a favorite pastime of my own and our very own UPSURGE! Now that is one gnarly half pipe. Bring on the snow, let’s get some air!

*Photo is fabricated.
We got to thinking about Neptune’s Plunge. How on earth could we turn this into an icy adventure? 4 slides iced down for racing check. 4 double tubes for sliding down the ice, check. 8 professional bobsledders (or our not so talented staff pretending to be bobsledders), check. A race to the finish down this icy track, check! Now that is good time.

How about a good old ice hockey game? I am thinking Kahuna Waves is just the place for that, minus the waves. We have Team Operations versus Team Maintenance. It was a close match, but Team Maintenance wins 3-2. (Theoretically speaking, due to their ability to withstand the cold temperatures.)

Then it hit us, time to get back to work. Who wants to play in the cold anyway? We will stick to fun in the sun and making sure all of our Alabama Adventure fans have a summer to remember in 2011. Check back next week for an update on what is to come for 2011!

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