New Paths for Alabama Adventure

As construction continues with BUZZSAW FALLS, we have been cutting new walkways to make our beautiful park more accessible. Here is a shot from the Kid’s Area next to the Birthday House that will connect to Celebration right between the Midway Carousel and Chubbies’.

This new walkway will make getting to not only the Birthday House and the Kid’s Area easier, but also BUZZSAW FALLS! Here’s a look from the opposite side.

BUZZSAW FALLS is coming along great! We have started receiving parts by the truck load. Here are parts of the metal track that will be stabilized by a wood structure.

Below is a current photo of what is going on at the BUZZSAW FALLS job site. The station will be on the right side, where all the wood bases are being built. The concrete walls you see are where the water will be recycled throughout the ride. The boat will make its ascent right over the photographer’s head and drop 5 stories to left.

More updates will be coming soon as well as pictures!! Stay tuned…

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