Coolest. Summer. Job. Ever!

Have you ever wondered what the coolest summer job is? Ever wanted to entertain thousands of people in one day? Well, have I got some news for you! Alabama Adventure is hiring over 300 Team Members this year. Our Annual Job Fair is Saturday, March 5 from 10 am until 3 pm. Bring a friend and join Alabama’s largest Water and Theme Park, Alabama Adventure for what is going to be our Best Season EVER!!!

We are hiring for several different positions. Here is a list of jobs you can look forward to applying for on March 5:

Life Guards

Food Services

Guest Relations

Ride Attendants

And many more!

Here are few tips for the Job Fair and your best bet to get hired!!

BEFORE ARRIVING: Applicants should download a copy of our application from our website, Please complete all four pages of this application prior to your arrival.

APPRORIATE ATTIRE: All applicants must be dressed appropriately and ready for a job interview. Applicants who are not dressed in an appropriate manner will be rescheduled / turned away from the Job Fair or Applicant Audition Date.

APPLICANTS MUST BE ABLE TO PRESENT THE FOLLOWING 2 ITEMS: A Photo Identification Card - Drivers License, Government Issued ID Card, Driving Permit (With photo), School ID (under 18) Birth Certificate or Social Security Card. No copies will be accepted. All forms of ID must be the original or certified copy.

Our entire staff is excited to see all of you at Alabama Adventure on Saturday, March 5!


Ground Breaking!

Great News! The clearing of the land has finished and we have officially broke ground on BUZZSAW FALLS, the new water thrill ride coming to Alabama Adventure in the spring of 2011. It is starting to look like a real construction zone around the park. We have bulldozers and tractors everywhere.  In the pictures below, they are working on grading the land and creating an incline for the 5 story drop that will create an enormous splash soaking everyone on the ride and around it.

Here is a conceptual drawing of BUZZSAW FALLS. 

You can see the StratosFear Screamer in the background and the new plaza on the left that will connect the kid's area of the park.
We are currently pouring concrete. Pictures of the pour and updated job site will be updated soon. Check back next week for the most recent updates.